Criminal Justice System : police in the United states

Criminal Justice System - police in the United states

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Criminal justice in the united states is administered by a loose confederation of more than 50,000 agencies of federal, state, and local governmenrs. Those agencies consist of the police, the courts and corrections. Together they are differences in the way the criminal justice system of civil law. Althought there are difference in the way the criminal justice system operates in different jurisdiction, there are also similarities. The term jurisdiction, as used here, means appolitically defined geographical area (for example, a city, a country, a state, or a nation).


The criminal justice response to crime begins when a crime a reported to the police or, far less often, when the police themselves discover that a crime has been committed. Sometimes solving the crime is easy - the victim or a witness knows the perpetrator, or where to find him or her. Often, an arrest supported by witness statement and crime scene evidence is sufficient to close a case, especially with a less serious crime. More often, though, the police must conduct an in-depth investigation to determine what happeaned in a particular crime. Even when the police start with a known crime or a cooperative victim or witness, the investigation can be lengthy and difficult.

Its police investigation of the crime is succesful, a suspect is arrested. An arrest is he seizing and detaining of a person by lawful authority. After an arrest has been made, the suspect is brought to the police station to be booked. Booking is the administrative recording of the arrest. It typically involves entering the suspect's name, the charge, and perhaps the suspect's fingerprints or photograph in the police blotter.

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criminal law referense